NPR Loves Prince, Too

NPR’s blindingly cute TV critic Eric Deggans was recently interviewed about how Purple Rain changed his life, by the incomparable Michele Norris — who revealed that she is not only a Minneapolis native, but also the cousin of Revolution member Brown Mark. Deggans also wrote a thoughtful essay on the movie and its cultural effect (while nonchalantly busting with Appolonia’s real name, thank you).

The story is proof positive that no matter your station in life, if you were old/young enough to hear it, the Purple Rain album (and for some, eeesh, the movie) had a hand in shaping your understanding of music and the possibilities surrounding us all. Listen and read here:

Purple  Rain Taught Me How to Be in a Band

And find some earlier NPR stories on His Royal You-Know-Whatness here:

Prince Fans, Prepare for the Deluge

This Is What It Sounds Like…

My American Dream Sounds Like Prince




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