Prince’s Last Show: By a Fan Who Was There

Atlanta writer Janet Berridge saw Prince play his final show, April 14 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta during the Piano & A Microphone tour. She posted the story on her blog, SpanishMossSeries.

In Berridge’s words: “I laughed, I cried, I left the concert hot and turned on…. His performance took us into three settings: a dance party, church, and bed.”

Prince apologized for the now-infamous cancellation of his earlier Atlanta shows. He played that purple piano. He covered Joni Mitchell, David Bowie and Vince Guaraldi. (Check the set list at the end of Berridge’s post.) He left the stage once and returned, saying, “Sometimes I forget how emotional these songs can be.”

I’m so grateful that Janet Berridge allowed me to repost her story, found in its entirety at this link:

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