‘Darling Nikki’ with Centaur and Equestrienne

In 2009, in the adjacent universe where I’m a dancer, choreographer and producer, Daddy and I co-produced a variety show called Peepshow Magnifico via our production company, RubyRico Productions. The show contained my goofiest choreographic tribute: ‘Darling Nikki with Centaur and Equestrienne.’ Using a truly arresting version of the song that Christina Marrs had arranged for a 90’s Prince tribute album called “Do Me, Baby!” we paired one of Prince’s fiercest and dirtiest songs with a centaur and, um, a horse lover.

It was a strange tribute—but a heartfelt and fittingly bizarre one. Cari Hutson (she of the powerful pipes from “One Night with Janis Joplin”) sang it like she knew Prince was in the room. Stacey Breakall (founder of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang burlesque and one of my favorite performers ever) killed it as the the fiercely hot, magazine-reading equestrienne. Garrett Reist and Amy Cone turned 6 yards of pony-patterned fleece (ugh, still sorry, guys!) into a shockingly athletic and hilarious centaur. And  John Riedie—our co-producer, friend, mastermind of the aforementioned tribute album and unwavering Prince fan—fueled the glorious rekindling of our love for Prince in the first place.


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