Stories from a Prince Fan: Cynthia Trejo

Like most of us, Cynthia Trejo has loved Prince for decades. A passionate performer and advocate for women’s health and safety, she welcomed me into a protest that was also a dance that was also a celebration, making it clear exactly where her affinity for His Majesty comes from.

“I was 13 when I heard from a classmate about how hot ‘Apollonia’ was in a movie called Purple Rain. Who was Apollonia, again? ‘A hot mamacita,’ is how Albert decided to explain it. I shrugged and continued to be clueless until Columbia House masterfully got me to join their tape club, and I was soon choosing from the greatest music of the time, including Madonna and Van Halen…

… and then there was the Purple Rain soundtrack. After all, the coolest boy in junior high had endorsed it. Since my parents weren’t really bilingual, I got to enjoy the lyrics openly through my joyous boom box. I had no idea this music was banned. God, the music was so deliciously sexy and since that early age, I now know, I was transformed.

Exactly 20 years later, I experienced his Musicology concert in San Antonio. I was squealing when I got my tickets in the mail as Prince prompted us to wear purple. Of course. (I had initially purchased the tickets—thanks, Chronicle—to go with a heartthrob of mine at the time; we’d gotten inspired by the incomparable tunes and candlelight. That didn’t go as planned… but no worries, I had a line of girlfriends wanting to buy that ticket.)

Arriving at that arena was pure glory. We even got a free CD at the door! We definitely felt like lucky MFs because we were seated close enough to really experience his majestic presence. Ay dios!!!! What a performance! Purple Rain was sung with all our soul—and sweet agony, knowing that the show was about to end.

No, I didn’t get to hug him nor run into him or anything like that, but I am forever grateful that I got to experience at least one of his live shows. I love all of his music, but the Purple Rain album will always hold that very special place in my corazon. Viva Prince! Viva el rey!”

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